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What is the Speech Dispatcher

This daemon provides speech synthesis. At the moment, it is only used by the Application:Navit and there is no dedicated application front-end, but a Mojo service and application will be developed in the future.

How dose it work

The speech dispatcher is based on speechd. It accepts text via a soked or and C-API. This text is then sent sentence by sentence to a speech synthesizer. At the moment we included espeak as the speech synthesizer.

Do my PDK app can use this service

Yes it can. The C-Api is documented on the speechd home page =>

The other way would be to use the spechd socked directly as doumented here =>

The default socket for the PalmPre is 'export SPEECHD_SOCKET=/tmp/speechd-sock'

Can my Mojo app use this service

Currently not. We plan to add a Mojo service to the Speech Dispatcher service, but that is not done right now. It will be documented here when it is available.