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The sbromwich series of kernels are the kernels I run on my phone with all current webos-internals testing patches applied, plus my patches, plus my kernel configuration.

Patches applied for 1.4.1-24

  • Reduce number of scheduling calls made to try to reduce battery drain. This may have an adverse affect on wake from suspend.

Patches applied for 1.4.1-23

  • Debug settings removed from default kernel build.
  • Compile kernel with explicit cortex-a8 tuning flags for gcc.
  • Tweak prcm power manager to more explicitly wait for power set calls to return, remove debug cruft, and add Wait For Interrupt instruction if a prcm setting attempt fails.
  • Enable preempt kernel.

Known problems

  • Pre can take some extra time to respond to certain activities, especially when waking up; lags of up to 2 seconds can be experienced on wakeup. The alternative is a reboot, which will take even longer.


  • User interactivity latency should be lower (time to respond to keypresses, etc).
  • Fewer powerd wakeups allowing the system to sleep longer.