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Precorder 2009-24-11 164136.png

Precorder - Version: Alpha 0.2.0
(23 Nov 2009)




Easiest installation method is by installing GstService and Precorder with WebOS Quick Install.

Alternatively, you can install the .ipk files manually via commandline:
ipkg -o /var install
ipkg -o /var install

then run post install script:
sh /var/usr/lib/ipkg/info/org.webosinternals.gstservice.postinst


Operating notes

Recent enhancements

Known bugs

First run on any phone will cause a blank output. Simply start recording, wait a moment, and stop recording, wait a moment. After that, it should be fine. Getting the video light to work may cause 2 starts. Should be a 1-time-only process.

Source Code

Source at

Packages in the webos-internals testing feed


Precorder 2009-24-11 164136.png Precorder 2009-24-11 164140.png Precorder 2009-24-11 164128.png Launcher 2009-24-11 164206.png