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== Downloads ==
== Downloads ==
=== Beta Releases ===
=== 0.99.1 ===
==== 0.99.1 ====
[http://ompldr.org/vN3pkdg Windows 32bit/64bit]
[http://ompldr.org/vN3pkdg Windows 32bit/64bit]

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Novatool - Version: 1.0

Novatool USB based utility for working on your developer mode enabled WebOS device. In addition to being the official WebOS Internals Preware installer, Novatool allows you to do such things as get files from your device with out switching to USB mass storgage mode, run shell commands (Linux and Bootie), and much more.

Support Development

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Windows 32bit/64bit

Mac OSX 10.6 32bit/64bit

Bug Reports & Feature Request

Please use the issue tracker to submit bug reports and feature requests.