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Mode Switcher - 1.x/2.x


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Mode Switcher is a webOS application that brings profile support to your device in the form of "modes". These "modes" can nearly control every available setting in webOS and can be triggered (manually or automatically) by a number of different methods or "triggers" that in turn change settings on your device based on the configuration of the modes you created. Mode Switcher is very powerful and feature rich. You can make its use as simple or complex as you would need.

Here is a list of the controllable settings and available triggers.
(Note: Some settings are only available and controllable when using Mode Switcher 2.x and the Advanced System Prefs patches for webOS 2.x)

Controllable Settings
  • The wallpaper
  • The status for instant messaging accounts
  • All three volume levels (Ringtone, System, Media)
  • Ringtones and system sounds and alerts
  • The display (brightness, screen timeout, LED/banner notifications and screen on/off when on touchstone)
  • All radios (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS/Data/Phone)
  • Open and closing of applications
  • Network type
  • Roaming setting (forced and automatic)
  • E-mail and messaging notifications and settings
  • Security settings
  • Apps that support launch parameters (like Govnah)
Available Triggers
  • Time of Day
  • Charger (touchstone, USB or wall charger. Can be set separately)
  • Touchstone orientation
  • GPS location
  • Battery level
  • Bluetooth (by profile or device name)
  • Application focus
  • Calendar events
  • Headset connection
  • Wifi SSID
  • Silent switch
  • Display state


There are two versions of Mode Switcher available. What version you use is dependent on what version of webOS is running on your device. Mode Switcher 1.x is available for webOS 1.4.x and Mode Switcher 2.x for webOS 2.x.

Mode Switcher 2 was completely rewritten into a Javascript service instead of being an application that runs in the background. It supports controlling even more system settings than MS 1.x with the help of the Advanced System Prefs patches for webOS 2.x. Mode Switcher 2 is faster, better and all around more awesome than before!

Differences in the version's features, settings and capabilities will be noted throughout the rest of the wiki.


The following information will help you install Mode Switcher.


Stable Releases
The stable releases of Mode Switcher can be found in the WebOS-Internals Feed and are recommended for general public use.
(Note: Mode Switcher 2 is not yet in the public feeds.)

Testing Releases
The testing releases of Mode Switcher can be found in the WebOS-Internals Testing Feed.

Due to the testing releases of Mode Switcher being in the WebOS-Internals Testing Feed, please take a few mintues to read over, understand and agree to the WebOS-Internals Testing Feed Rules before continuing. The testing releases of Mode Switcher are recommended only for those that wish to test out the latest and greatest features before they are implemented into the stable releases.

Corresponding/Related Patches
There are a number of patches that extend Mode Switcher's functionality. While they are not required for Mode Switcher to function; they are recommended as they add much more functionality to your device and controlling of the functions with Mode Switcher. These patches can be found in the WebOS-Internals Patch Feed. Please follow the links for installation and other general information.

Mode Switcher 1.x

Mode Switcher 2.x


The following method can be used to install Mode Switcher.

  1. Open Preware
  2. Start typing “Mode Switcher” (no quotes)
  3. Tap the Mode Switcher from the list
  4. Tap the Install button
  5. Tap the Ok button to restart Luna


  1. Open Preware
  2. Tap Available Packages
  3. Tap Application > System Utilities > Mode Switcher
  4. Tap the Install button
  5. Tap the Ok button to restart Luna


webOS OTA Updates

Since Mode Switcher is an app, it is OTA (over-the-air) update safe. However, the patches that correspond/extend Mode Switchers functionality like the Advanced System Prefs patches and the Mode Menu patches are not OTA (over-the-air) update safe. When there is an OTA update to a newer version of webOS from your carrier, you must remove these patches before updating. If you do not remove them prior to running the OTA update, you most likely will need to run the Emergency Patch Recovery tool from Preware.

Application and Patch Updates

Updated versions of Mode Switcher and the related patches can be applied via Preware.


Mode Switcher 1.x

Q: I’m getting this error when I try to install Mode Switcher: “1 of 1 hunk failed -- saving rejects to file etc/palm/luna.conf.rej”
A: The patch “Launch Brightness Unlinked on Luna Boot” conflicts with the "Launch Mode Switcher on Luna Boot" patch and must be removed.

Q: I installed Mode Switcher, but when I tap the launcher icon nothing happens.
A: You must perform a Luna Restart after installing/updating Mode Switcher.

Q: Can I close / get rid of the Mode Switcher dashboard icon?
A: If you are on a Pixi/Pixi+, then no, the dashboard scene needs to be active for Mode Switcher to function. For the Pre/Pre+, install the Launch Mode Switcher on Luna Boot patch to get rid of the dashboard.

Mode Switcher 2.x


Donation to Developer
  • Please see the official PreCentral Forum thread opening post for the donation link.
Official Forum
Official Twitter Account
Bug Reporting
Registration on the site is required to submit bug reports.
Feature Requests
Registration on the site is required to submit feature requests.


Mode Switcher 1.x

1.0.9 - Current Release - (Nov. 10th, 2010)
  • Small change to display trigger
  • Removed experimental code
  • Fixed no match calendar trigger functionality
Mode Switcher 2.x

2.0.0 - Current Release - (Month Day, Year)
  • Initial release