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Linphone - 0.1.6

This is the very first true VoIP application running on any webOS device.

Linphone for webOS is a port of the original Linphone command-line application. It is currently in Alpha test.


Linphone is a general purpose SIP softphone. It allows you to place and receive VoIP calls on any SIP account you may have.

Linphone isn't bound to any operator. Because it is compatible with SIP, it can work with any VoIP operator using SIP (most of them use SIP, the most notable exception being Skype).

SIP Account

You will have received some registration information from your SIP provider by the end of the sign-up process:

  • username or phonenumber
  • password
  • domain
  • proxy (optional)

Your SIP identity is formed by grouping the Username or Phonenumber and the Domain together:

  • sip:username@domain


  • sip:phonenumber@domain

and will be used by other people willing to call you on your webOS device when running Linphone.


Linphone Dialpad.png

This is (obviously!) where you dial a number you want to call...


The Linphone preferences screen can be accessed by tapping the menu button on the top left corner of your device.

Linphone Preferences.png

The "SIP" group:

  • NAME - enter your username or phonenumber
  • PASSWORD - enter your password
  • DOMAIN - enter your SIP provider's domain
  • USE PROXY: select
- NO if your SIP provider does not require a specific proxy (PROXY field hidden)
- YES if a proxy is required with an address different from domain (PROXY field shown)
  • PROXY - enter your SIP provider proxy, if any