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DirectFB Terminal.png

DFBAdapter - Version: Alpha 0.0.1
(12 Sep 2009)


The project is designed to run arbitrary existing directfb(gtk with directfb as backend) program on Luna in a card.

The project is made up of three parts

  • dfbadapter: it is a browser plugin (NPAPI) abstracted as a screen and input evnets sources for a hacked directfb library (based on 1.2.8)
  • directfb library: write a new system module called pbp for directfb-1.2.8
  • mojo apps: contain the directfb program info and Luna special type of input event sent to dfbadapter by npruntime api

It is a pre-alpha version in progress. but have managed to run dfbterm on Luna (Picture on the right) We need contributors to the project.if anyone is interested in the project you can catch ameng on webos-internals or at


This is alpha software. Consider yourself lucky if it works at all. Many people have put many hours of hard work in to get just this far - respect that effort when making comments and suggestions.



Please be aware that org.webosinternals.dfbadapter is licensed under the GPLv2.

They cannot be used by a closed source application. If you want to use them in a non-GPLv2 but otherwise open source application, please contact the authors.

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