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App Tuckerbox - Version: 0.9.0 (11 December 2011)


App Tuckerbox is a homebrew app that allows you to register your device for direct access to information gathered from HP App Catalog, Web and Beta Feeds.

Key features

  1. Access to the official Feeds (palm-catalog, palm-beta, palm-web)
  2. Install Packages without geo restriction
  3. Install Packages on all webOS devices (without compatibility restrictions)
  4. Install your previously purchased Apps on all of your devices
  5. Show the changelog of App Catalog Apps


AppTuckerbox is currently in a closed beta status. You must post an Impostah screenshot showing that you have purchased 75+ webOS apps to qualify for the closed beta.


Register Process

To register a device a highly encrypted message is sent to a secure server containing your email address, your device id number and your profile authorization token. Your profile password and credit card are not sent to the server. Your information is protected using an industry standard RSA encryption algorithm with a military-grade 4096 bit key.

A secure verification process running on the App Tuckerbox servers temporarily decrypts your stored encrypted info to verify your account status and add the information about your accessible apps to the AppTuckerbox feeds.

Access the Feeds

After a valid registration App Tuckerbox configures the Preware (version 1.9.7 or higher) feeds to access the palm-catalog, palm-beta and palm-web feeds. The feeds are now available within the feed manager. The feeds can be enabled and disabled like all other feeds within Preware.

Apps in Preware

The applications from this feeds can now be installed like other packages in Preware. You have access to all free apps in this feed regardless of country, carrier or device type. You can also install your previously purchased apps on all of your devices (e.g. TouchPad apps on Enyo-capable Phones).

You can configure Preware to show you all available Apps regardless of device compatibility. When you try to install an app that is not designed for your device a disclaimer message is shown, which you have to accept.

Operation notes


App Tuckerbox does not allow you to purchase apps. Purchasing and billing is only the business of HP. This is not a missing feature, it is intentional.


No known bugs.


  • Added support for secure feed downloads.
  • Added secure feed configuration (en_US locale only).
  • Added compressed feed configuration.
  • Added profile server to the account information.
  • Added apiVersion and statusMessage to the account record.
  • Added a button to check registration progress.
  • Modified the encrypted account information format.
  • First beta release.
  • Fixed device identification for WiFi TouchPads.
  • Modified device identification routines.
  • Modified ID and Password generation algorithm.
  • Supports configuration of Preware feeds.
  • Supports registration and deregistration of devices.
  • Initial skeleton.